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Radical Self Podcast

Sep 27, 2018

Ever gone after the thing you most wanted only to find out you were chasing the very thing you were looking to avoid? This is exactly what Lisa found herself in.

After years building a career and climbing in the company she had spend time nurturing as part of management, she walked into her boss' office and quit. Without making any sense to anyone but herself!

In this episode, you'll hear:
β€’ how her mom's work ethic impacted her own - and how she built on it
β€’ the bold move she made without having a straight up plan to follow
β€’ the one thing that Lisa turns to when in doubt and how you can build up your confidence too
β€’ how she booked 8 new clients just from her inner circle

This episode has a lot of good bits you can implement for yourself - especially if you've been wanting to spend more time building a business than at your job (without compromising your paycheque to start!).

If you want to change something up, even if you've spent years building it, you can. It's just a matter of deciding how bad you really want it!

Find Lisa on Instagram and on her website. She also runs a private Facebook Group "Corporate to Entrepreneur" - let her know you heard about it on the Radical Self Podcast when you request to join πŸ˜‰